The Grieve Corp.

No. 835 is a 1200°F electrically heated walk-in oven has workspace dimensions of 48 in wide by 72 in. deep by 72 in. high. Maximum temperature of 1200°F is provided by 120 kW power, installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements. A 10,000 CFM, 7.5-hp recirculating blower provides combination vertical/horizontal airflow to the load. No. 835 has an aluminized steel exterior, 16 ga. stainless steel interior and 10-in. thick insulated walls, comprising 2-in. of 1900°F block and 8 in. of 10-lb density rockwool insulation, as well as 7-in. insulated floor with integral truck wheel guide tracks. Safety and control equipment on the oven includes a 325 CFM powered forced exhauster, digital indicating temperature controller, manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors, recirculating blower and airflow safety switch, and a 4-pen circular chart recorder.

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