Chromalox, Inc.

The ECR1 paperless electronic chart recorder allows precise trending and recording of any type of process. It allows users to monitor up to 18 process sensors for recording, storing and analyzing process critical data. Multiple combinations of digital inputs and outputs are available for triggering events or alarms on the plant floor or in remote locations. The ECR1 is configured through a series of six slots in the rear of the recorder. Each slot accepts one card containing 3 sensor inputs, 6 digital inputs or 6 digital outputs. When all six slots are filled with sensor input cards, the reader will capture 18 process variables per second. The digital input cards contain 6 inputs, and each digital output card consists of 6 relays, each rated at 3 amps. Data can be displayed in a variety of ways-from charts to bar graphs, both horizontally and vertically.

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