A search for "hot oil" (which I'm NOT recommending) using an Internet search engine like Google or Mamma, will yield more information than you want and not much of it will relate to quench oils! Search for heaters, burners, furnace controls, or induction and much of what you get is littered with useless, trivial, and sometimes offensive information. Not much to do with the thermal processes you perform daily.

While information availability is at an all-time high, information suitability is at an all-time low. Although the Internet has been a real blessing, it has also substantially reduced the cost of providing information, and when the cost of supplying anything is low, the supply will be high. Such is the case with the Internet - low cost and huge supply of information.

Industrial Heatinghas the solution, and believe it or not, you're looking at our solution - editors. Our editors, Reed Miller and Kristine Coblitz, have as their life's work the tasks of FINDING, FILTERING, and FORMATTING the information that will be most helpful to you. While the Information Superhighway may litter your travels with useless information,Industrial Heatingwill be clearing the debris and providing you with a more focused editorial package.

Let me introduce you to Reed Miller. Mr. Miller started withIndustrial Heatingin late March 2006. Beginning in 1983, his entire professional life as a metallurgist has been invested with several companies including Quality Rolls, Washington Steel, Split Ball Bearing and Al Tech Specialty Steel. His academic background includes both a Master and Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy & Materials from Carnegie Mellon University.

Industrial Heatingbelieves that it takes an experienced metallurgist to filter out the dross and scale on the Information Superhighway. That's why we committed ourselves to finding the best editor possible - one with a metallurgical degree and someone who would be able to talk with you intelligently about your processes and problems. Mr. Miller's professional experience gives him the breadth of thermal processing knowledge, from primary melting to heat-treating, necessary for a good editor.

Reed will work closely with our managing editor, Kristine Coblitz, who has been withIndustrial Heatingsince November 1998. Kristine is responsible for making sure that all the information you see is filtered and applicable to the vast majority of our readers. The bulk of what you read in the news sections ofIHis her handiwork. Ms. Coblitz is also responsible for all online content and works closely with many of our columnists. She also edits the Metal Treating Institute and Industrial Heating Equipment Association columns each month.

These two editors are our solution for controlling information overload. They are your chauffeurs on the Information Superhighway. I know that both of them welcome your positive and constructive comments, or just a note to say hello. Please feel free to engage them in conversation as time allows.