Techint Italimpianti Deutschland in Germany ( has been awarded a contract from EWK Edelstahlwerke Witten-Krefeld GmbH for the engineering, fabrication, and commissioning of a roller-hearth furnace for annealing, with a water and polymer quenching system. The contract also includes the modernization of two existing roller-hearth furnaces located in Krefeld, and two annealing and tempering roller-hearth furnaces in Witten. The furnace in Krefeld is designed for a maximum capacity of 6 t/h to anneal up to 1050ºC (1922ºF), and the furnaces in Witten are designed for a maximum capacity of 11 t/h to anneal up to 1050ºC (1922ºF). The order includes turnkey plants of bilateral-heated roller-hearth furnaces equipped with low NOx self-recuperative burners designed to run with natural gas equipped with new combustion technology. The equipment will be started up in January 2007.