Nitrex (Montreal) sold its first small-scale nitriding furnace to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., an Indian manufacturer of helicopters, aeroengines, accessories and avionics. The NX-406 is one of three models available in the series and has a work-zone diameter and height of 15.75 inches x 23.5 inches with a 440-pound capacity. The furnace is integrated with the control system and shares similar design features with their large-scale furnaces, such as light ceramic fiber insulation for efficient heating, a double-wall Inconel retort, a recirculation turbine for uniform temperature distribution, and an automatic lift cover mechanism. Installation is scheduled for fall 2006.

Nitrex has also installed a Nitreg® nitriding system at a U.S. manufacturer of automotive pump components. The furnace has a usable work zone of 39.5 inches x 79 inches and a gross loading capacity of 7,500 pounds. The turnkey system is supplied with Nitreg®, a potential-controlled nitriding technology automated for process repeatability and tailored specifically to the application. For more information,