Custom Electric Mfg. Co.

Several grades of high-temperature metallic alloy heating elements are available for severe operating conditions. For operating temperatures from 2010 to 2280ºF, heating elements are fabricated from NIKROTHAL® Ni/Cr alloys produced by Kanthal. At elevated temperatures, these materials offer good hot state mechanical properties. For temperatures from 2370 to 2550ºF, Cus-tom elements are fabricated from Kanthal® Fe/Cr/Al alloys. These elements operate at higher temperatures, last from 2 to 4 times longer, support higher surface loads and resistivity, and produce no spalling oxides to contaminate furnace loads. Custom Electric also fabricates heating elements from Kanthal APM alloy. This material (22% Cr, 5.8% Al, 72.2% Fe) has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 2600ºF. Benefits include higher stability, less need for element support, resistance to bunching and creeping, good protection in corrosive environments, no scalling and impurities to contaminate furnace loads, and from 2 to 4 times longer service life than Ni/Cr heating elements.