Danieli, Interpipe to Build EAF Steel Mill
Interpipe signed a contract with Danieli to build a state-of-the-art electric steelmaking facility. When completed, it will be the largest of its kind in the Ukraine and in western Europe. The new facility, which represents an investment of approximately $610 million, will be capable of producing 1.32 million metric tons of round billets and blooms per year, providing Interpipe’s manufacturing mills with high-quality steel to produce pipes and wheels. The mill will be located on the grounds of Interpipe’s existing mill in Dnepropetrovski, Ukraine. Construction will begin in three to five months.

The new meltshop will comprise a split-shell FastArc AC EAF, a 160-ton twin-shell inert roof-type ladle furnace and a double-tank vacuum degasser equipped with a four-stage 400 kg/hour steam ejector vacuum pump. The meltshop will also include a four-strand FastCast bloom caster and a five-strand billet caster. Danieli will supply all auxiliary plants and equipment.