Germany’s Buderus Edelstahl Band GmbH has awarded LOI Thermprocess a contract for the supply of an HPH® Bell-type annealing plant using a 100% hydrogen annealing atmosphere for high-temperature annealing of non-alloyed and high-alloy stainless steel coils. The new plant, which will be equipped with a ProView control system, is designed for a maximum stack weight of 75 tons and a maximum stack height of 165 inches. Production is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2009.

Tianjin Seri Machinery Equipment Co. awarded an order to LOI Thermprocess for the supply of four car-bottom heating furnaces. The furnaces will be used to heat castings in forging plants. The general time schedule of this contract is eight months. Tianjin Seri is setting up production lines for high-quality mandrels with high alloys, castings and wind-power principal axes to reach the capacity of 15,000 tons of mandrels and 600 pieces of wind-power principal axes per year.