VAC AERO International Inc., Oakville, Ontario, Canada, has been awarded a contract for a large vacuum furnace from Magellan Aerospace for its facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The furnace is a bottom-loading design with an all metal work zone of 84 in. dia. by 84 in. high. The system includes Honeywell UMC 900 series controls, Stokes and Varian vacuum pumps, two IG Gas Storage tanks for Nitrogen and Argon, a WGPM 200 HX closed loop water recirculating system and a VAC AERO designed rotisserie system for special brazing procedures. Magellan has been awarded contracts pertaining to Airbus A340 and A380 programs and the furnace will be used in the processing of components in these programs. This is the fifth furnace VAC AERO has installed at this Magellan facility.