Radyne (Berkshire, UK) has been awarded a contract to supply a 3.2 MW induction heating installation to Bredero-Shaw Coaters Ltd. of Leith. Required to heat line pipe prior to the application of anti-corrosive coating, the Radyne equipment will be installed at the Bredero-Shaw Arabian Pipe Coaters facility in Saudi Arabia. The order is for the supply of two 1600 kW 500 Hz induction inverters, incorporating MF capacitor cabinets, with each inverter supplying power to a coil assembly designed to heat 80 in. OD pipe. The equipment will incorporate closed-loop temperature control to ensure that the output power of each inverter module is controlled to produce pipe at the required temperature for a predetermined line speed. The installation also will be supplied with complete mains input transformers and cooling plant. At the same time, a third inverter system, a 1000 kW 500 Hz unit, will also be installed on the blaster line.