Aremco Products Inc.

Aremcolox(tm) 502-1550 is a zirconia phosphate based machinable ceramic used for producing specialized brazing fixtures, induction liners, wafer chunks, optical stands and combustion nozzles for applications to 1550C. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 0.5 in./in./F x 10-6. It is available in both low (60-70%) and medium (70-80%) density compositions. Both forms have good mechanical strength and electrical and thermal insulation properties; with a compressive strength of greater than 25,000 psi, dielectric strength of 80 volts/mil, and thermal conductivity of 5.3 Btu in./h ft2 F. It is completely inert, will not outgas in ultrahigh vacuum, and does not react with most molten metals, salts and acids.