Athena Controls Inc.

Model C10 Limit Controller (1/32 DIN) and the Model M400 Limit Controller (1/16 DIN) has been added to the Platinum(tm) series of microprocessor based temperature controls. Both controllers safely limit temperatures during thermal applications where a runaway condition could compromise operator safety, equipment or product. Depending on the sensor used, both the C10 and M400 are designed to monitor temperature from -200 to 1600C (-328 to 2912F) with an accuracy of 0.25% +/-1 digit for thermocouple and RTD outputs or 0.1% +/- 1 digit for mA and mV inputs. Users can select input type, associated functions, type and functionality of alarms, plus the values of all control parameters from the keypad or via an easy-to-use PC configuration software package.