Eclipse Inc.

The P-Tube burner combines the benefits of the single-ended radiant (SER) v3.0 burner with the surface area of a U-tube, which can mean fewer burners and less cost. The burner is designed to fire up to 350 kBtu/hr into a 6-in. (152 mm) P-tube. The burner is self-recuperative and uses flue gas recirculation. Advantages are said to include up to 50% cost savings, higher efficiency than U-tubes without recuperation, better tube uniformity than U-tubes with recuperation, low NOx emissions than conventional recuperation, lower system costs than multiple-burner systems and elimination of hot air pipework. The unit can be fired in on/off, high/ low, proportional and pulse modes. It has a jet velocity nozzle design and can be retrofitted to existing gas or electric furnaces.