Athena Controls Inc.

Model RMC/P single-zone, portable controller has been added to the Series RMC hot runner control system line of microprocessor based, self-tuning temperature controls. The controller offers three default modes for open thermocouple condition, built-in triac safety protection, J or K thermocouple input (jumper selectable), CompuStep(r) bake out to prevent moisture at startup, built-in loop break, short, open and reverse thermocouple protection and boost mode for temporary percentage of power output increase. The unit provides ground-fault protection and adjustable set point limits, can store highest temperature detected and is CE compliant. Accuracy is +/-0.1 F depending on the total thermal system with a temperature range of 32 to 999 F. Calibration accuracy ranges to better than 0.2% of full scale. Power response times are better than 300 ms and process sampling ranges to 100 ms (nominal).