Dan Herring, The Heat Treat Doctor, will join Industrial Heating in January 2004 as a regular monthly columnist. Over the last 26 months, Mr. Herring's column, The Heat Treat Doctor, has appeared regularly in Heat Treating Progress, a publication of ASM International. Mr. Herring will draw upon his extensive experience and well-developed industrial network to bring Industrial Heating readers the most useful technical information available. With over 24 years of experience, including senior management and business development responsibilities with leading furnace manufacturers, Mr. Herring has published over 100 papers and three books. He is a frequent lecturer and sought-after consultant and is keenly aware of the technical issues facing the thermal processing industry. Mr. Herring is president of The HERRING GROUP, Inc., a business offering professional support services to industry. Mr. Herring's company specializes in heat treating and metallurgical consulting services, technical services, marketing services and business services in the heat treating and sintering industries.