Thermal Technology Inc.

The high vacuum laboratory furnace is designed to melt-pour high nickel alloy, single crystal samples. Typical sample size from user-supplied molds is 1 in. diameter by 6 in. tall (25 x 152 mm). The furnace system has a 20 kVA power supply and can be used in applications that call for temperatures up to 2000 C (3630 F). The system uses a basic Labmaster furnace that is modified to provide a hot zone that accommodates a bottom pour crucible and a mold assembly. The hot zone design has geometry and features that provide an appropriate thermal gradient for single crystal growth. An accurately controlled, motor-driven withdrawal system provides a water-cooled chill plate for placement of mold assemblies. Loading and unloading the system is facilitated by a front door configuration on a vestibule under the melt chamber. High vacuum for the process is achieved using a standard diffusing pump.