Pinson Valley, Birmingham, AL, has purchased a complete T6 solution heat treat installation from Consolidated Engineering Company (CEC), Kennesaw, GA. This installation includes a drop bottom furnace, age oven, mobile quench tank, load car, and control system configured to interface with a SCADA based data acquisition system. Seven thousand pounds of aluminum castings, forgings, extrusions, or wrought shapes can be heat treated per load. The load size is 12' long x 5' wide x 7' high and is rapidly and uniformly heated by natural gas burners. The quench tank can be heated for hot water quenches between 140 - 190¯ F and is vigorously agitated by propeller and draft tubes. The rapid quench is achieved by action of a hydraulic powered hoist. The age oven is configured to artificially precipitation harden 7000 pound loads of aluminum in a chamber 14' long x 6' wide x 8'-6' high complete with vertical lift door. The load is carried on a load car. The installation will be operational by January 2001.