Dynamic Systems Inc.

The HSD-40 laboratory system can simulate direct rolling, from the continuous caster to the end of the hot rolling process all in one continuous sequence using a single specimen. In addition to direct rolling, the system can be used for simulating semi-solid rolling (liquid metal core reduction), plane strain compression, hot rolling and forging. The simulator uses direct resistance heating, has two 40-ton hydraulic systems with exact control of strain and strain rate, deformation speeds from 1.7 meters/s to 0.1 mm/s (5.6 ft/s to 0.004 in./s), eight channels of thermal and mechanical control, precise digital control system and 16 channels of data acquisition at up to 50,000 samples per second. Simulations can be run in air, vacuum or inert gas, and quench in-situ at anytime during simulation with gas or water.