According to the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) in Wheeling, Ill., aluminum die casting shipments have had two years of solid growth and should continue to do well through 2005. Yearly totals have already returned to pre-recession levels. Shipments will end this year 6.6% better than 2003 with additional gains of 1% in 2005. Zinc shipments have been picking up for the last four months, and the second quarter was the best three-month period since 2000. Year to year growth appears to be back into positive territory. Presently, NADCA represents 66% of all the aluminum cast in North America and 95% of the magnesium and zinc. According to Daniel L. Twarog, president of NADCA, this activity coupled with the North America die casting industry's current marketing and public relations initiatives speaks to an industry that is clearly rebounding and ready to tackle the next set of challenges in a progressive, forward-thinking fashion. For more information, visit the NADCA website at