Linn High Therm GmbH

A new two-zone, cold-wall ring furnace is designed to heat treat bundled materials using different furnace atmospheres including argon, nitrogen, hydrogen (up to 40%) and mixtures of these gases, as well as vacuum. The flushing times are shortened by pre-evacuating up to 3 x 10-2 mbar. The vacuum vessel is a double wall, water-cooled unit and the top is lifted by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Furnace dimensions are 1,700 mm ID by 2,000 mm OD by 200 mm high (68 in. by 80 in. by 8 in., which can handle a charging weight of 100 kg (45 lb). Maximum operating temperature is 1150 C (2100 F) with maximum heating power of 110 kW. The furnace includes a SE 502 program controller, as well as burn-off device, safety package, hydrogen sensors, vacuum pumping system, dew-point and residual-oxygen measuring devices, condensate traps and temperature recorder.