Solar Atmospheres, Hermitage, Pa., was contracted by Hall Industries to vacuum heat treat a prototype aluminum chassis for the Urban Maglev Project. Hall Industries is part of the team commissioned to develop magnetic levitation technology transportation. The goal is to develop cost-effective, reliable, energy efficient, and environmentally sound urban mass transportation. Hall Industries needed a high-pressure gas quench of a 6061 aluminum chassis from the welded "O" condition to a T4 condition. This would then be followed by a subsequent age to obtain a T6 condition. After performing various test runs with gas quenching and confirming the yield strengths of the aluminum, Solar successfully thermally treated the chassis to a T6 condition using its 24-ft furnace with 2-bar helium pressure quenching. General Atomics, San Diego, Calif., is the prime contractor of the grant from the U.S. government.