Northrop Grumman in California awarded Nitrex Metal, Quebec City, Canada, a multi-million dollar contract for the construction, integration and technical startup of a Nitreg(r) system for nitriding gears. Deliveries include a 165 in. diameter by 150 in. high (4.2 by 3.8 m) top-loading furnace processing loads up to 45,000 lbs (20,400 kg) and a control system loaded with N2K, a process automation software that ensures parameters and furnace functions are computer-controlled and adjusted to obtain specific case requirements. N2K also comes with a remote control utility, which allows users to access, view, set up and modify process parameters over the Internet. The system is equipped with an IN-750, the newest generation of neutralizing units that eliminate effluent gases from the nitriding process. Assembly and testing were completed in September 2003 and production started immediately afterwards. m