Centorr Vacuum Industries Inc.

The multipurpose, high-temperature vacuum hot press comes with interchangeable metallic and graphite hot zones. The hot press can operate in vacuum, partial pressure, as well as positive pressures of inert gas. It is rated for operation to 1400 C (2550 F) and a force of 60 tons (534 kN) and is designed to press 4 in. (100 mm) diameter compacts. The unit is outfitted with interchangeable press platens of graphite and molybdenum to allow for diffusion bonding operation or powder compaction. Temperature control is handled by a Honeywell DCP-550 programmable controller, with both force control and position control using UDC-3300 controllers for independent profiles. The system is capable of high vacuum operation using a Varian diffusion pump and a mechanical pumping system.