Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.

The TPH 1201 and TPH 2301 turbo pumps, based on the company's TPH 2101 pump, include a new advanced rotor design, improving pumping performance. Designed for harsh duty applications, the TPH 1201 contains a combination of high pumping speed for light gases and high throughput for heavy gases. An advanced rotor geometry permits a high foreline tolerance of 0.5 mbar without the need for a drag state, eliminating clogging in high particulate environments. The TPH 2301 delivers 2100 l/s for nitrogen and 1950 l/s for hydrogen and argon, while offering more than 2000 sccm of gas throughput for argon and nitrogen. It reduces the number of pumps required in semiconductor 300 mm multi-pump chambers, reducing capital costs and footprint while increasing safety, uptime and wafer throughput.