The Center for Innovative Sintered Products (CISP) and the Northeast Asia Industry Technology Corp. division (NATC) of Paichai University, Korea, entered into a general agreement to foster international cooperation in education and research. The agreement will encourage the exchange of activities involving several activities, such as construction of a database of technology, organization of joint international conferences and workshops, exchange of scholars and students, and organizing of joint research information and materials. Opening of the International Interdisciplinary Material Research Center in Daejeon City NATC is a cooperation between research institutions in China, Japan, Siberia and Korea. NATC is currently working with three colleges and will join the R&D district operation at Daejeon City in July 2005. This effort was made possible by Dr. Dae-Young Lim, director of NATC and professor, division of Advanced Materials Engineering at Paichai, and Dr. Randall German, director of CISP. For more information, visit