The Model VF-10 vacuum furnace is designed for induction brazing and general purpose heating. To facilitate lean manufacturing, the furnace uses the latest advances in quick, clean solid-state induction heating technology. The furnace requires less than eight minutes to reach 1900°F (1040°C); cool down time to 400°F (~200°C) is less than 20 minutes. The heating zone within the furnace's stainless steel chamber is 9 in. in diameter by 10 in. high (220 by 254 mm) and is customizable according to individual process requirements. The furnace operates at high vacuum or partial pressure of an inert gas and can reach a maximum temperature of 2300°F (1260°C). The furnace is designed for brazing parts of unusual shapes, repairing "orphan" parts from other heating processes or virtually any application that benefits from whole part heating.