PV/T Inc.

The latest automated control systems and all metal hot zones are more energy efficient and enable clean high vacuum performance as well as precise temperature control. At equilibrium, the temperature uniformity from zone to zone is within ±1°. The result is consistent quality and less rejects in the end product, faster processing times and less energy consumption. The hot zones are configured with trim zones on all sides of the workspace that automatically adjust heat input vertically and horizontally. The hot zone designs include either ribbon elements or the new PV/T patented "BAR" heating elements and separate automatic trim zones (top, multiple side pairs, bottom, front and back). Each zone has a thermocouple that looks at the workload and automatically trims the heat input to match thermal characteristics of the workload in that location. The hot zone technology is offered in rectangular and round hot zone shapes for operation typically in the 1100 through 2800°F range in vacuum of 10-4 through 10-7 torr, in inert or reactive gases, and at other custom configurations.