G-M Enterprises board of directors has appointed Suresh Jhawar as President of the company.

G-M Enterprises (www.gmenterprises.com) board of directors has appointed Suresh Jhawar as President of the company. Mr. Jhawar, who has been with the company for over 18 years, was instrumental in developing G-M's vacuum product line and taking the company to national and international recognition. Prior to joining G-M, Mr. Jhawar was Vice-President/General Manager of Abar Corp. and was Technical Director of Heavy Equipment Div. and Marketing Executive at Ipsen Industries for ten years prior to joining Abar. Mr. Jhawar has dual B.Sc. degrees and an MBA in marketing. The following additional management changes at G-M have been announced. Ajay Thakkar was promoted to General Manager and Chief Financial Officer. He will manage day-to-day operations and is responsible for all financial matters. Thakkar has been with G-M for six years. Prior to joining G-M, he was responsible for the start-up of new companies with a $100-million dollar chemical manufacturing and processing group. Nathan Smith, a key and top technical professional with G-M for over 20 years, was promoted to Director of Engineering & Quality Control. Other key G-M technical personnel include Ron Garcia, Vacuum Product Manager; Tav Viwatavongsa, Atmosphere Product Manager and Steve Turmala, Assistant Chief Engineer, Electrical & Computer Controls. Veena Jhawar rejoins G-M as Director of Materials and Administration. Veena's expertise is in competitive materials procurement. Veena has a M. Sc. in Economics. Dennis Trumpinski, with over 30 years in furnace industry in engineering, parts, service, and customer relations, rejoins G-M as Director of Marketing, reporting to Suresh Jhawar. He previously served as Manager of Field Service with both Ipsen Ind. and Abar Corp. Ed Byrnes, with G-M for nine years, continues to supply customer support as Director of Parts. Byrnes previously worked for Abar-Ipsen Intl. for over thirty years and holds many patents. He has dual B.Sc. degrees and an MBA.