Metallurgica Pessina, a family-owned company located to the northwest of Milan, Italy, ordered a hardening and tempering line from EBNER for austempering or martempering a monthly throughput of 200 t of carbon steel strip (max. 380 mm wide, 0.2 - 3.0 mm thick). The maximum throughput capacity is 660 kg/h. Uniform mechanical properties of the heat-treated material, clean surface finish and low operating costs were the decisive factors for Metallurgica Pessina when placing their order with EBNER. The scope of supply includes the austenitizing furnace with tension stand, strip cooler, leveling furnace, tempering furnace with jet cooler and the complete control center (S7 control system with visualization system). The strip handling section will be provided by Metallurgica Pessina. The facility is scheduled to start production in May 2006.