Educate: To provide information. That's what we do here at Industrial Heating, provide information. Not just any information, but practical information you can use on your job. But, this isn't exactly true. You (the players in the thermal processing engineering community) provide the information and we provide the vehicle to disseminate that information to the more than 25,000 subscribers of Industrial Heating, as well as thousands more in pass along.

Inside this issue (as in every January issue for the past several years) is a bibliography of articles by topic published in Industrial Heating in 2003. The scope of coverage is broad, as is the variety of authors and their affiliations. Without these authors, Industrial Heating could not exist.

Why do these authors take the time in already taxing work schedules to sit down and write a 3 to 4-page magazine article? There are several reasons, one being a desire to share their expertise with the engineering community-to raise the bar of understanding, so to speak.

These authors account for just a fraction of the many potential authors out there in the wide variety of industries within the scope of coverage of Industrial Heating. So, we would like to hear from you. Have you considered writing an article in your area of expertise? After all, you already communicate a lot-talking to and otherwise corresponding to dozens of people each day and reading reports and technical magazines.

There are some negative aspects to writing. For one thing, it's just plain work. And it can test your confidence; are you willing to be pinned down to a set of stated facts? But let's look at the positive side. It can bring a lot of personal satisfaction, such as organizing your thoughts and examining what you know and don't know, and so it helps broaden your knowledge. It also brings personal recognition from colleagues and management.

So why not consider writing an article. If you would like to discuss your ideas and how to go about submitting an article to Industrial Heating, give me a call.

Together with the full-length articles that appear in this magazine, we provide information in a mix of formats including paragraph-long pieces in the various departments and monthly columns. Beginning in this issue, we are pleased to bring you some keen insight to a multitude of topics by Dan Herring, The Heat Treat Doctor. Dan will draw upon his extensive experience and well-developed industrial network to bring Industrial Heating readers the most useful technical information available. He has more than 24 years of thermal processing-related experience, including senior management and business development responsibilities with leading furnace manufacturers, has published over 100 papers and three books, is a frequent lecturer and sought-after consultant and is keenly aware of the technical issues facing the thermal processing industry. Dan is president of The HERRING GROUP Inc., a business offering professional support services to industry, specializing in heat treating and metallurgical consulting services, technical services, marketing services and business services in the heat treating and sintering industries.

We are confident that this new addition will meet your expectations.