The Grieve Corp.

No. 938 is a 1250°F electrically heated inert atmosphere oven with workspace dimensions of 36 in. wide x 120 in. deep x 36 in. high. Incoloy-sheathed heating elements deliver 80 kW power to the unit, while a 6,000 cfm, 5 hp recirculating blower provides a universal front-to-rear airflow to the load. The oven has an aluminized steel exterior, Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior and 10 in. insulated walls comprising 2 in. of 1900°F block and 8 in. of 19 lb/ft3 density rockwool insulation. Inner and outer door gaskets are provided, with the inner gasket sealing against the door plug, while the outer gasket seals directly against the front face of the oven body.