Industrial Heating's monthly economic indicators for June 2004 reported their 11th consecutive month of growth. While all indicators were slightly lower than their May readings, all four indices showed positive growth in June. The forward-looking index, "Health of Thermal Processing Industry," indicated that most of the respondents anticipate July to be a good month as well. June 2004 index numbers reflect the changes experienced by responding companies as they compare their June 2004 business levels to May 2004 levels. Change in number of Request for Proposals from May to June is 52.8, Change in the Number of Orders from May to June is 52.5, Change in Backlog from May to June is 54.8 and Expected change in the Health of Thermal Processing Industry through July is 54.7. A number above 50.0 indicates increased activity or growth. A number below 50.0 indicates decreased activity or a decline in growth. Look for these numbers, along with historical values, on the editorial page of the next issue of Industrial Heating. Roughly 1,200 industry suppliers are contacted via e-mail to participate in a web-based survey the first full week of each month. If you are an industry supplier and would like to participate in this monthly survey, please contact Industrial Heating Publisher Doug Glenn by phone: 412-531-3370 or by e-mail: The results are posted monthly on the editorial page. The results reported above will appear in the August 2004 issue.