Aremco Products Inc.

Ceramacast™ 645N high-temperature ceramic casting material is used to encapsulate and insulate high-temperature flow meters, pressure and temperature sensors used in the foundry, refining and chemical processing industries to 3000°F (1650°C). It is a fused silica-based ceramic compound ideal for encapsulating small ceramic and metal housings used in a variety of high-temperature devices. Key attributes include excellent bonding to ceramics and metals, ultra-low thermal conductivity, high dielectric strength of 300 volts per mil, high compressive strength of 7,000 psi and exceptional chemical resistance. The mixture sets at room temperature in less than 8 hours, then fully cures at 200°F and 250°F for 2-4 hours, respectively. The shrinkage rate when fired to 1000°F is less than 0.3%.www.aremco.comInfo # 268