Alstom Power Spz o.o. Foundry in Elblag, Poland, placed an order with SMS Demag AG, Germany, and BIHUT Engineering Ltd., Warsaw, Poland, for a secondary metallurgy ladle furnace plant. The furnace represents the core element of Alstom's strategic orientation with the objective to produce steel castings between 5 and approximately 60 t for steam and gas turbines, as well as for shipbuilding. The use of the ladle furnace will serve to increase the casting sizes, to improve the casting quality with regard of exact alloy addition and optimum pouring temperature, as well as implement new high alloy steel grades. The key components to be delivered are a fixed gantry ladle furnace with ladle transfer car, automation and control systems (level 1 and 2), silos and weighing system for alloys and slag forming agents, revamp of existing ladle heaters and park and stirring stand for the second ladle.