Pye Metallurgical Consulting, Meadville, PA, has been endorsed by the Heat Treating Network and the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) to offer a series of seminars designed for the heat treating professional, tool designers, sales personnel, shop management, and design engineers. The courses will support the new ABC's of Heat Treating designed and developed by MTI. The 3-day courses will be held in Meadville, PA, and will include a plant tour of a facility (either a furnace manufacturing company or a heat treatment facility). Attendees are encouraged to bring with them current heat treatment problems to discuss in round table discussions. The courses are designed to support the heat treatment process and theoretical heat treatment knowledge and are taught from a practical perspective. Seminar topics include Brazing Technology, Tool Steel and Its Heat Treatment, The Surface Treatment of Steels, Furnace Maintenance, Aluminum and Its Heat Treatment, Aerospace Heat Treatment, and Heat Treatment Troubleshooting and Inspection. For more information, including a compete schedule, visit