Solar Atmospheres, Souderton, PA, has begun stress relieving Tomahawk missile housings. The processing is done at the company¿s Souderton location in a 12¿ long, VFS HL 84 furnace. The furnace chamber working parameters enables 24 of the (48¿ OAL x 15¿ OD) weldments, with a combined net weight of 11,900 lbs., to be stress relieved in one furnace cycle. The housings are utilized in submarine and surface ship launched missiles as replacements for nuclear type housings. A smaller version of the Tomahawk housing, also stress relieved, is used in another Navy stand-off weapon, the SLAM ER missile, manufactured by Boeing. The company plans to add a 24¿ long vacuum furnace to process even larger loads at the company¿s second location in Hermitage, PA.