Ormet Primary Aluminum Corp. announced the temporary curtailment of its Burnside, La., alumina plant by February 2002. It will result in a layoff of approximately 260 hourly and salary workers. The company's Burnside Bulk Marine Terminal will operate as normal and will not be affected by this decision. Operations at the plant are being curtailed to cut costs while the aluminum industry continues through an era of low metal prices and a slump in manufacturing demand. The move is the result of excess capacity of alumina on the market caused by the curtailments of alumina reduction plants worldwide. As a result of this excess capacity, Ormet presently can purchase alumina at a much lower price than it can produce it at its Burnside facility. The purchased alumina will be used to supply Ormet's Hannibal, Ohio, reduction plant, which will continue to operate at full capacity. The company's specialty alumina customers will not be affected.