Robotron-Elotherm, Southfield, Mich., designed and built an integrated induction heated adhesive curing and laser inspection system for automotive doors, hoods, deck lids and other closures for Daimler-Chrysler vehicles. The system combines an induction heating system with robotic part handling and laser inspection to give Daimler-Chrysler integrated production and inspection capability for a broad range of steel and aluminum closures. The closures are presented by the robot in body position, and the inductors are indexed into preliminary position and then self-locate on the part. The adhesive then is cured in a 8.0 to 10 second heating cycle. After heating, the laser system is activated to measure the now completed assembly. It begins by locating three reference points on the outer panel and using them to calculate a plane. The rest of the features are then measured in reference to the plane. The entire process takes roughly 15 seconds. The data is recorded and stored for quality analysis.