The 2020ppbPRO™ family of enhanced photoionization detection instruments are hand-held portable units for the detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC). They are designed to provide indoor air quality specialists, as well as other users with the ability to do low parts-per-billion (ppb) VOC analysis with increased accuracy and precision. The unit is aimed solely at extremely low-level VOC detection, providing 10 ppb precision across a range of 0 to 40 ppm. The unit includes a 10.6eV high-intensity UV lamp with lamp-quality assessment provided at calibration, display readings in ppm, ppb or mg/m3, a compound library, user-defined interval sampling time ranging from 1 to 900 seconds, and an increased alarm sound level of 85 decibels at half a meter. It also includes an eight-line LCD display.www.photovac.comInfo # 266