In January 2002, Solar Atmospheres, Souderton, Pa., plans to install a 10-bar furnace with dimensions of 50 in wide x 50 in. high x 6 ft deep and a weight capacity of 10,000 lbs. The furnace's capabilities enable faster gas quenching than previously achieved in 10-bar furnaces. In addition, Solar has implemented two advancements that offer its quenching capability. First is the use of helium for quenching, which provides the benefits to outweigh cost factors by improving furnace performance. Second is the use of the gas blower motor to achieve better efficiency of the blower fan. Solar's 10, 12 and 24-ft furnaces have been modified to improve quench rates in these large-capacity workhorses. Hot zone modifications for improved atmosphere circulation plus enlarged gas quenching nozzles have been made to improve processing time and furnace efficiency to heat treat loads up to 50,000 lb.