Iso-Tek Ltd., West Chester, Ohio, has developed and installed a furnace designed to process both the CuproBrazeR and Opti-BrazeT processes for copper/brass radiators. An Ultima 400 Series furnace was delivered to Radac Corp's Dayton, Ky., facility in early 2000. In cooperation with Radac, the furnace was improved upon and the process optimized, and production runs commenced in August 2001. The furnace has a work area of 4 ft. W x 4 ft. H x 4 ft. D and is capable of processing 1,000 lbs/cycle. It is designed to reach operating temperatures of 1800?F, which will allow the furnace to be used for other heat treating processes (i.e., bright annealing, normalizing, air hardening and tempering).