Pyrotech Services, Townville, Pa., has delivered three slot forge furnaces to Channellock, Meadville, Pa. Each furnace is rated at 2000 #/HR for steel round bars up to 1-1/4" diameter. Maximum heated length of the bar is 36 inches. The three identical slot forges use a 12" thick, 2600¯F monolithic fiber roof that has shown a four-year life expectancy in drop hammer shops. A poured, high strength castable lintel and floor provide long-term durability. The design includes an air-cooled front structural frame and dual control thermocouples. Testing has shown that the Pyrotech control scheme provides rapid heating of the cold bars as they are loaded, without over heating the bars that are in the furnace waiting to be forged. In addition to providing the three new units, Pyrotech Services has performed complete rebuilds on two existing units to bring them up to the new designs specifications.