Six products have been added to the Superthal range of heating modules. Superthal HT uses a new Kanthal Super element material to increase temperature capacity to 1725C (3135F). Mini-Superthal connects to a power supply with a maximum element temperature of 1550C (2820F). Superthal Flat Panels are fitted with Kanthal Super heating elements and have maximum power output of 150kW/m2 and length span up to 1000 mm (39 in.). Kanthal High Power Reflector is designed for use wherever concentrated power at temperatures up to 1650C (3000F) is required. Superthal Micro Heater combines Kanthal Super heating element technology with a ceramic high-temperature fiber, which allows for fast heating and precise ramping. In addition, ready-to-install radiators produce short-wave infrared radiation and element temperatures of 1400 to 1450C (2550 to 2640F).