GTI (Des Plaines, Ill.), a research, development and training organization serving the natural gas industry, filed an Application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), requesting approval of a collaborative gas industry research, development and demonstration (RD&D) program and associated budget for 2005. The program consists of 48 potential RD&D projects in 20 broad areas, ranging from advanced gas supply options, pipeline integrity management, and gas storage to pipe and leak location, infrastructure security, and advanced cogeneration systems. The Application proposes a 2005 funding level of $44 million for RD&D activity in four broad areas of interest to the gas industry and its customers - gas supply ($7 million), gas transmission ($11 million), gas distribution ($19 million), and gas utilization ($7 million) - as well as $4 million for program management and administration. The Application will now be reviewed by the FERC as well as interested parties, leading to an expected decision by the commission later this year. The complete document is posted on the GTI website: