Alcoa has established a long-term environmental program based on sustainable development principles to guide the company over the next 20 years. The new environmental targets from base year 2000 include a 60% reduction in S02 emissions by 2010, a 50% reduction in volatile organic compound emissions by 2008, a 30% reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxides by 2007, an 80% reduction in mercury emissions by 2008, a 50% reduction in land-filled waste by 2007, and a 60% reduction in process water use and discharge by 2008. From the base year 1990, environmental targets include a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2010. Assuming success with the inert anode technology, a 50% reduction by 2010. In addition, Alcoa is committed to implementation of effective environmental management systems, such as ISO 4001, at Alcoa's more than 350 operating locations by 2005; community engagement programs established at all Alcoa businesses by 2004; increased emphasis on product design for the environment and on product recycling or reuse; a cost reduction of $100 million per year by 2005 from energy and raw materials savings, waste reduction, environmental management cost reductions and recycling; linking environmental accountability with performance expectations and compensation; and monitoring and reporting on the company's progress.