Vacuum Furnace Systems (VFS) Corp., Souderton, Pa., delivered a 2-bar horizontal internal quench (HIQ) vacuum furnace to Jamestown Precision Tooling (JPT), Jamestown, N.Y. Before installing the system, varieties of tool steels and stainless were hardened with three conventional box furnaces operating on a three-shift work schedule. With the VFS furnace, the throughput on specific batch loads is now four times greater. The front-loading unit can achieve can a maximum temperature of 2500¿F, and the furnace's graphite hearth is rated for 750 lb capacity at 2400¿F. The hot zone work area measures 18 in. wide x 14 in. high x 24 in. deep, and the quench system is designed to accept nitrogen for 2-bar positive pressure quenching.