Leco Corp.

The MSX/PT-series sectioning machines are available in several configurations. The MSX-250 benchtop saws offer two models capable of both manual and automatic cutting that feature a 12-in. (305 mm) blade capacity, a 5-hp motor and a channeled coolant return for minimized cleanup. The MSX-300, -400, -500 and -600 floor models can be operated as oscillation machines for burn-free cutting of difficult materials. Capable of linear sections (of large, irregular induction-hardened parts, forgings and castings) as well as quick radial cuts, these models have 14- to 24-in. (355 to 609 mm) blade capacities marked by a depth-of-cut parameter to facilitate automatic sectioning. The PT-Series 400 and 600 models feature a pendulum motion that allows precise cutting of difficult samples. Blade sizes from 16 to 24 in. (406 to 609 mm), a rear port for feeding longer parts, a laser indicator allowing precise placement of section and an auto return for automatic cutting operations are also available.