Fourteen component designs, including a "Casting of the Year," received "best-in-class" recognition for metal castings in 2001 at the American Foundry Society 105th annual Casting Congress in May 2001. A total of 41 components were evaluated by an independent panel of judges based on ingenuity in design, component quality and functional benefits to the final product application/system. Receiving the highest "Casting of the Year" honor was The Maco Corp., Huntingdon, Ind., for the oil filter/adapter cooler designed and produced for Mack Truck's Class 8 diesel engine. This aluminum component, produced via the lost foam casting process, consolidated seven parts into one and eliminated several potential leak points and joint difficulties. It saved 48 pounds of weight per engine and saved the truck-maker $6 million in one year. The award-winning suppliers and photos of their respective components/applications can be found at