Henry M. Rowan, chairman & founder of Inductotherm Industries, recently announced at its world headquarters in Rancocas, New Jersey, the formation of the Inductotherm Group. John H. Mortimer, P.E. was named president/CEO. The Inductotherm Group is divided into five main product groups, headed by group CEOs, reporting to Mr. Mortimer.

The Consarc Group, headed by William J. Marino, president/CEO, consists of Consarc Corp., Calcarb, Inc. and Consarc Engineering Ltd. and is dedicated to the melting and remelting of specialty super alloys for the aviation and aerospace industry and reactive metals and alloys.

The Engineering & Services Group, headed by William M. Goodlin, president/CEO, consists of Inductotherm Automation, Inc., ABPlan GmbH Co. KG, Bricmont Inc., Shamrock Automation Inc. and EMSCO Inc. and is dedicated to engineering including automation controls and robotics applications, as well as aftermarket services.

The Furnace Group, headed by J.H. Mortimer, president/CEO, consists of Inductotherm Corp. and its worldwide affiliates whose principal products include induction melting furnaces and induction power supplies, charging and preheating systems, automatic pouring systems and computer control systems for the metals and advanced materials industry. Inductotherm Corp. is headed by Paul B. Cervellero, president. This group also includes HI T.E.Q. Inc., a supplier of a complete line of high quality processing systems for the aluminum industry.

The Heating Group, headed by Byron L. Taylor, president/CEO, consists of Inductoheat Inc. and its worldwide affiliates, Lepel Corp., Radyne Corp. and its affiliate companies, Strayfield-Fastran Ltd., IHS Inc., Inductoheat Banyard, Ltd., HWG Inductoheat GmbH, Newelco, Welduction, Alpha 1 Inc. and ADM Electrodes Ltd. The group is dedicated to designing and manufacturing induction and dielectric heating equipment, heat-treating and mass heating equipment, high temperature combustion engineering equipment.

The Welding Group, headed by Gary A. Doyon, president/CEO, consists of Thermatool Corp., Thermatool Europe Ltd. and T & H Lemont and focuses on high frequency induction welding equipment, pipe and tube mill systems, complete roll forming systems and tooling.