Thermal Technology, Santa Rosa, CA, has shipped a laboratory hot press to a U.S. developer and manufacturer of opto-electronic products for use in its research and development facility. The Laboratory and Pressmaster uniaxial hot press system is designed for simultaneous application of high temperatures and high pressures. Primary applications include densification of powdered ceramics and metals, diffusion bonding of solid components, and processing of fibrous composites. Each hot press is supplied as a complete system. The unit installed was model HP52-0914-SC 25-ton laboratory hot press with silicon carbide heating elements rated for operation to 2732ÝF (1500ÝC) in oxidizing or high purity inert gases, 2462ÝF (1350ÝC) in commercial reducing atmospheres, and 2192ÝF (1200ÝC) in dry hydrogen or vacuum atmospheres.